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Spoiler Rules
« on: February 28, 2021, 11:43:16 am »
Please follow these rules below. If you have any questions, please PM a member of the spoiler team.

@Ninjapancake - Spoiler Admin

@BFoA - The Walking Dead & The World Beyond Spoilers

@Robb Black - Fear the Walking Dead Spoilers

* We strive to keep our sources confidential and protected. Please keep in mind we will  NEVER publicly discuss our sources. So don’t waste your breath asking, buttercups.

* If you believe you have a legitimate spoiler, the best thing to send a private message Ninja Pancake or BFOA. This can be done on the forum or the WeAreTWDFans Facebook page. This way we can work together to vet this information while also ensuring your source remains protected.

* If you post confidential spoiler information publicly, DON’T out your source! We don’t want to put anyone’s jobs at risk. Keep in mind you’ll receive a message from a Spoiler Team member. We want to make sure information that is found on here is credible and accurate. We don’t want this to be a breeding ground for “foilers” (fake spoilers)

* If you obtain any spoiler information or photos from a public source, you must include a link or name. If you need assistance, please PM the Spoiler team.

*Spoiler is NOT a spoiler AFTER it airs in the U.S

* As a courtesy, please do not ask staff for spoilers. Such posts may be subject to deletion by staff.  Repeated requests for spoilers may result in warnings or strikes based off our Warnings system. Spoilers will be posted when they're posted. Rest assured, the Spoiler Team is working diligently on acquiring information.

* The use of spoiler tags is required for any spoiler mention outside of this section. Spoilers are no longer considered spoilers once the episode actually airs in the US on Sundays. Spoiler Tag Tutorial can be located here:

Staff reserve the right to amend the rules at any time.
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