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Warnings and Ban Policy


As stated in our Enforcement rules, each case is handled independently and on a case-by-case basis. A member's posting history and prior warnings are taken into account.

All disciplinary measures are handled privately and must remain private between staff and member.

Warning Policy
Courtesy note - A member may receive a courtesy note to stop troublesome behavior. No percentage points are counted against your account.

Warnings - Each warning is worth 5% and counted against your account. Once you have accumulated 4 warnings (20% of 100), your next warning will be a strike.

Strike - Each strike is worth 20%. When a member has reached the strike level, they may have further limitations implemented on their account.

1 Strike = 20% of Warning Level
2 Strikes = 30 day moderation
3 Strikes = 7 Day Ban
4 Strikes = 14 day Ban
5 Strikes = Banned permanently

A member may be banned before they reach 5 strikes based on staff discretion.


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