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Re: 7x13 After Party Thread
« on: November 16, 2022, 03:25:30 pm »
This show and story makes no sense.

So, lets see. Morgan dumps the baby with Dwight and Sherry. Then has to leave everybody for absolute no reason. He could have holed up anywhere with the kid - or sent someone else to look after the baby on the raft.

Its splitting the characters up for no reason. I mean why would Morgan miss the battle for the tower he was so keen on just minutes before.

Its all garbage!!

I would have given this a 6 it it had stuck with the Dwight and Sherry storyline but the Morgan drivel knocks it down to 3/10

And Wes is still acting like a moron.

3 episodes of this shitshow left!

Also, considering they constantly split the characters up there is never any reunion scenes so its hard to give a damn about any of them.
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